Customer Comments

“…The lemon coconut cookies are to die for….I can certainly vouch for the high quality of the cookies!” - Linda M.

“… Harvey and his daughters made the most delicious rugeleach. Everyone raved about them.” - Laurie K.

2 thoughts on “Customer Comments

  1. Me and 3 baked goods are fantastic! We hosted a party, and everybody asked where they could get the desserts. The rugelah are as good as any you ever will taste. The creative cookies, especially the lemon and coconut, give new meaning to the word “delicious.”

  2. We’ve only been selling Me & 3′s cookies for a couple weeks and they have been flying off the shelves! Every time we get a new batch in, I always have to have a “quality control tasting” to ensure the cookies are consistent, which of course they always are! Harvey and Corey have been great to work with. Keep it up Me & 3! We look forward to seeing what else you can do.

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